Joins Us

Questionaire for participants


Name: __________________________             Surname: __________________________

Age: _____

Gender: Male ☐                      Female ☐                                Other ☐

Unemployed: No ☐                 Yes, up to one year ☐  or yes, more than one year ☐

                        Pensioner ☐

Migration background: No ☐                Yes ☐ Country of origin:_________________


No degree ☐

Vocational training ☐


Secondary school ☐

College ☐


High school ☐

University ☐


Which profession do you have? ________________________________________________________

Which skills do you have? _____________________________________________________________

Which hobbies do you have? __________________________________________________________

Do you have experience with social projects?_____________________________________________

Why do you like to support the project? _________________________________________________

Which benefits are you awaiting from the project?_________________________________________

Do you have experience with project-work? No ☐        Yes ☐ from project ______________ in 20__

Do you prefer working alone ☐ or in a group ☐?  

Do you prefer manual ☐ or intellectual labour ☐? 

Do you feel better when you work in a dynamic environment ☐ or in a calmer and more stable work environment ☐? 

Would you like to you change something in your previous activities? No ☐        Yes ☐ ___________

What is your favourite place in your neighbourhood? ______________________________________

Is there a place in your neighbourhood you would like to change or modify? No ☐        

Yes ☐ I like to change: _______________________________________________________________

For long are you/have been inhabitant of the target area?

Do you have specific needs: ☐ handicapped access ☐ Sign language ☐ Text to speech program

Are you used to IT

☐ PC               ☐ Smartphone            ☐ Tablet