VT Events

VT Events was officially registered as an NGO in VelikoTarnovo, Bulgaria in 2012. Since its official registration its main purpose has been to stimulate the social engagement through
art and culture. VT Events promotes modern civil culture, new art forms and practices, alternative and educational models and actively encourages the civil participation in the cultural
and social life of the city. The vast spectre of events includes presentation of books and meetings with their authors - cinema projections - dancing and theatre spectacles -
performances - musical events - art exhibitions and installations - presentations and lectures - discussions and debates on current topics - art workshops - educational seminars. VT
Events is highly involved in non-formal educational and the organisation members believe in the ideas of lifelong learning and social inclusion. With our programme we try to attract
people of all ages and with different social backgrounds.
VT EVENTS is a non-government organization created to support the contemporary art scene in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Having a diverse program with local and international artists
working in the field of visual arts, performing arts, music and cinema, the organisation runs as well it’s own physical space. Along with presenting new forms of artistic practices, the
program of VT EVENTS includes a large number of activates, focused on community buildings. On certain projects, the organization works in collaboration with other non-government
organizations and governmental structures such as the local municipality, libraries, museums, schools and universities.