Alessandra Licheri

Born in lovely Sardinia, I lived 10 years in London and a few years between the Tuscan countryside and Bologna and finally arrived in Milan in 2004.

 I consider myself a “multipotentialite”, in fact it is difficult for me to find a unique definition of my career path, which has been eclectic and multifaceted: my professional experiences span multiple fields, from translation to communication and marketing, from event management to publishing, from projects of urban regeneration to slow tourism. In all these areas I have developed planning,  organization and coordination skills. I like to work in a team, which I know how to motivate and enhance. Excellent communication skills. Inborn aptitude for problem solving. I am always looking for new stimuli and I love working in creative and innovative environments.

I have been active in Municipio 4, since 2006 with the Cascina Cuccagna project, one of the first Milanese urban regeneration project aimed at the reopening of a public historical farm-house through a bottom-up participation process.

I believe that active citizenship is a great value and the involvement of citizens and associations is today a key tool for transforming cities on a more human scale.

I decided to be an ambassador of Open City because I am interested in social innovation applied to urban contexts and in the empowerment of local communities, and because I believe that the exchange of good practices at an international level is a fundamental element for improving society as a whole, and a step towards the Europe of citizens and communities.