The project consortium is composed of partners with strong experience in the field of training and social support to unemployed people in leading their lives in inclusive communities as well as employment and promotion in the job market. The partners undertake actions to mainstream training and education, access to employment opportunities for marginalized and disadvantaged people and design and launch of raising awareness campaigns addressing different stakeholders.
Partnership has been built up by joining together partners which have already cooperated in other Erasmus+ (ZIB, CREATIVE IDEAS, LEVDM) and organisations that are new to this specific funding strand (VT EVENTS and PROJECT SCHOOL). This means that OPEN CITY will benefit out of cooperation methodologies and practices that partners have already designed and tested in other occasions but will also use possibly new and innovative approaches in implementing activities, coming from partners that are essentially new to Erasmus+ funding.

ZiB (Coordinator), Germany

Creative Ideas, Latvia

Folklore Company of Varnava, Greece

Project School, Italy

VT Events, Bulgaria