Roselyne Bouyer

My name is Roselyne Bouyer and I’m an ethnologist, at the moment I’m looking for a new job opportunity. Of French nationality, I have lived in Milan for almost twenty years. I have been completely trained in humanities and in my personal experience of surveys and interviews, I’ve had the chance to face manythemes, for example health anthropology, livingspaces, ethno-ecology, interculturality, traditions and social innovation…I’ve always had such a big curiosity towards the mechanisms of changing and resilience, both on an individual and a social level. I like to participate to intercultural festivals and permanent exhibitions for privates or companies which I help as a volunteer. In relation to tourism, I’ve collaborated in a European project that develops new types of sustainable and participative tourism.

With Open City, I found the opportunity to expand my skills, by putting them at the service of the community and of the group of participants. In particular, by making interviews about the urban blight,  I help to bring out the wish of the inhabitants, which is to optimize a urban heritage which they have a strong attachment for and their desire of bringing back places that haven’t been used ina while and feeling like they’re at home. In the second project phase, I would like to develop ideas for new services of cultural and social interest, able to make ‘’Zone 4” residents feel like the main actors of the changing process.

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